Positioning of the electrodes in the analgesics stimulation (TENS)

The success of the therapy could be conditioned from different factors and can be different from patient to patient.

The position of the electrodes is one of the elements that can highly influence the therapeutic effectiveness. The therapist will have the patience to try different alternative positions, so that individualise most effective and the more comfortable for the patient.

The electrodes could be applied:

  • Around the area of pain – it is the more diffused positioning and it is based on the placement of both a proximal and distal electrodes with respect to the pain area, suitable to “include” the painful zone.
  • Along the nerve – when the pain doesn’t have a precise localisation or when the pain area results unmanageable for the iper-sensibilisation of a damaged nerve.
  • In correspondence of the nervous roots – the application of the electrodes will be Para vertebral.
  • In correspondence of specific points – points of the Chinese acupuncture, trigger points and motor points. A cutaneous lower resistance characterises them all and they are therefore easy to find, by means of a simple search-points device. There are in literature many texts and tables showing the acupuncture points.
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