The most effective treatments require the most appropriate tools.

Several hundred million people worldwide suffer from urinary incontinence and most are women.
The incontinence can have different causes and forms. The most common forms are: stress incontinence, urge incontinence and mixed incontinence.

The good news is that, with incontinence, effective treatments are available.
The sooner incontinence is diagnosed and treated, the better the chances of success.
Perineal electrostimulation and biofeedback are the most popular methods in the recovery of continence, particularly in female patients.

These methods involve the use of intra-vaginal probes, characterized by at least one pair of electrically conductive electrodes.
Despite perineal electrical stimulation and EMG biofeedback, being well known and commonly applied to treat incontinence, some perineal probes that are available on the market, could be unsuitable for the most effective treatment protocols.

Frequently, the therapeutic successes are limited by a bad localization in the treatment or by the discomfort for the patient.
Very frequently, the pelvic floor of a woman shows pronounced asymmetries of muscular tone; they may be caused by an episiotomy or asymmetrical lacerations during childbirth.

Advanced vaginal probes allow to assess or selectively treat the perineal muscles right or left with different levels of stimulation.
Moreover, since the nickel allergy is increasing worldwide, it is increasingly important to avoid contact with metals containing nickel (for example with stainless steel) and use anallergic materials for the contact with vaginal and anal mucous.

These are the principles that inspired the development and production of a new line of vaginal and anal perineal probes.
The particular forms of PERISPHERA® probes make it easier to get a strong, comfortable contraction, or a precise ElectroMyoGraphic (EMG) recording, during a voluntary contraction. The hemispherical and protruding electrodes offer the maximum contact surface and a better localization of the treatment.

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