Totem - UG

Wireless wearable professional unit for incontinence rehabilitation

TOTEM-UG is a patient’s wearable professional unit for the re-education of incontinence by electrostimulation and / or perineal biofeedback, through wireless connection (wireless) with a personal computer.
Therapeutic goals are the attenuation or remission of incontinence, exploiting the effectiveness of perineal stimulation and the great contribution of biofeedback techniques to the functional re-learning.

The TOTEM-UG unit is applied to the waist of the patient by means of the belt enclosed in the package.
The use of TOTEM-UG is intended for healthcare professionals trained for perineal incontinence rehabilitation (gynaecologists, urologists, physiatrists, physiotherapists, obstetricians).

Electrical stimulation is performed by symmetrical biphasic pulse generators (or alternating biphasic pulses, in case of probes with lateral electrodes), with controlled energy.

In addition to the probes included in the package or supplied as optional accessories, the unit may be used with any type of perineal probe with at least two electrodes and 2mm female connectors.

In addition to the EMG biofeedback, the manometric intra- cavity biofeedback can be performed, with a probe VAG-2STFW or any type of balloon probe equipped with Luer-lock female pneumatic connection.

With the double biofeedback channel, it is possible to acquire and show on a monitor an intra-cavity pressure signal (vaginal probe) and, simultaneously, a surface EMG signal with transcutaneous electrodes applied over abdominal muscles.
This procedure is suitable for the treatment of perineal dysfunctions linked to the so called “inversion of command”.

Supply internal with separable Li-Po battery 3,7 Volt 1130 mAh (8 hours approximate life), rechargeable with special external charger. supplied in the package.
Output current Bi-phasic symmetrical or bi-phasic alternated pulses max. 100 Vpp on a normalised land of 500 ohm; energy per twin-pulse: 1,25 mJ max.
Frequency 1 to 150 Hz. (±5%)
Pulse-width 5 to 500 μs. (±5%)
Rise time 0 to 59 s. (±1s.)
Plateau time 1 to 59 s. (±1s.)
Fall time 0 to 59 s. (±1s.)
Rest time 0 to 59 s. (±1s.)
Session time 1 to 99 min’. (±1min’.)
Dimensions and Weight 190x160x60 mm – Kg. 0,2 (patient unit only with battery).
Allowed environment Working 15°C to 40°C (15% to 93% RH) – Storage -27°C to 70°C – (93% RH)
Included (to see all items included please download details file)
  • 2 Personal vaginal probe Combicon for TOTEM-UG. Electrodes surface:2cm2/electrode. (Code RU-TOTEM-Combicon).
  • 1 bag with 4 adhesive electrodes 50×50 mm.
  • 1 Waist belt for supporting the patient unit TOTEM-UG