Dual channel, TENS-NMS electrical stimulation unit for analgesic and muscular treatments

The evoStim® T unit can be directly used by the patient, but it is also suitable for professional use by health professionals dealing with physiotherapy and rehabilitation. TENS is commonly used for decades to treat peripheral pain of various kinds and localisation: lumbago, new pain, arthritic joint pain, sciatica, muscular pain, rheumatism, post traumatic and post-surgical pain, distortion, tendonitis, neuralgia.
The NMS is useful in the prevention and treatment of localised muscular hypotrophy.


  • Large LCD with touch-screen
  • 4 default operating modes
  • 2 programs for acute and chronic pain
  • 10 muscular pre-set editable programs
  • 10 editable programs for acute pain
  • 10 editable programs for chronic pain
  • Intellistim® function on default programs
  • Two selectable wave-shapes
  • Lock & doctor-lock function
  • Multi-color back-light
  • Open circuit detection
  • Independent intensity channels

evoStim® T is a therapeutic unit for analgesic (TENS) and neuro-muscular (NMS) electrostimulation using transcutaneous adhesive electrodes. It is suitable for direct use by the patient but is also well-suited to professional use, offering great ease of use without sacrificing its flexibility and performance. The stimulation intensity is adjustable independently for the two channels.

The ergonomics of evoStim® T unit is based on the rotation of the upper knob (to adjust the stimulation intensity or the value of the various parameters) and the push of the button, integrated in the same knob, to turn the unit on / off or pause / resume it. Adjusting the stimulation intensity or any other parameter must first be enabled by tapping the appropriate

Number of channels 2 stimulation
Supply voltage 4,5V with 3 batteries 1,5V Alkaline AAA (LR03). Battery life: 20 hours on average.
Output current 100mApp
Frequency 1 to 150 Hz (1-2-3-4-5-10-12-14-16-18-20-25-30-35-40-45-50-60-70-80-90-100-110-120-130-140-150) (± 5%)
Pulse width 40 to 400 μs
RISE time from 0 to 5 sec. in steps of 1 s. (± 1 s.)
PLATEAU time from 1 to 60 sec. in steps of 1 s. (± 1 s.)
FALL time from 0 to 5 sec. in steps of 1 s. (± 1 s.)
REST time from 0 to 60 sec. in steps of 1 s. (± 1 s.)
REST frequency from 0 to 10 Hz. (± 5%)
SWEEP time from 1 to 90 sec.
F1/F2 time from 1 to 90 sec.
Session time selectable among 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 minutes or Continuous
Applied parts connectors protected pins 2mm
Size & weight 140x70x25 mm – 150 gr. including the batteries
Environment 15-35°C – 20-80% R.H.
Included in packaging 1 personal applied part (surface electrodes) size 50x50mm