Urotrainer 3

Portable professionale unit for the incontinence reeducation, by perineal ELECTROSTIMULATION and BIOFEEDBACK

Urotrainer 3 is a complete, stand-alone portable unit for re- education of incontinence by electromyographic (EMG) or pressure biofeedback and perineal electrostimulation.

The use is restricted to health professionals trained for perineal re-education of incontinence (Gynecologists, Urologists, Physiatrists, Physiotherapists, Midwives). Urotrainer 3 offers the possibility to work with 2 biofeedback channels and 2 stimulation channels.


  • 2 channels stimulation (with perineal probes or transcutaneous electrodes).
  • 2 channels biofeedback (EMG o Pressure).
  • 30 stimulation programs in memory suitable to various types of incontinence.
  • Graphical visualisation of the voluntary contraction level on luminous bar-graphs.
  • Numerical visualisation of the work performed during each contraction.
  • Automatic registration of the valid contractions made by the patient during the exercise.
  • All stimulation parameters locally adjustable: – frequency – pulse-width – rise time – plateau time – fall time – rest time.
  • All biofeedback parameters locally adjustable.
  • Test of sustained contraction – allows to objectively evaluate the fatiguability of perineal muscles.
  • Wireless bluetooth communication with a computer to make a fully computerised reeducation system.

The electrostimulation is carried out by means of symmetrical biphasic pulse generators (or monophasic for the intra-bladder stimulation), with controlled energy generators. The administration of electrostimulation can occur in intra-cavitary mode, by vaginal or anal probes and / or in a superficial mode (by means of surface electrodes).

The intra-cavitary biofeedback can be of manometric-type, with a balloon probe (VAG-2STF), or EMG (electromyographic) with the same probe used for electrostimulation. With the dual channel biofeedback, it is possible to detect and display, on the light bar-graph, an intra-cavitary EMG or pressure signal (vaginal probe) and, simultaneously, an EMG signal with surface electrodes (on the abdominal muscles) for the treatment of dysfunctions related to so-called “inversion of the command.”

Supply internal by NiMh batteries rechargeable with the special charger supplied in the package (The unit cannot be used when is in charge).
Output current max. 60 Vpp on a load of 1 KOhm.
Frequency 1 to 200 Hz. (±5%)
Pulse-width selectable from 25 to 750 μsec. (±5%)
Pulse type selectable between MONO-PHASE and BI-PHASE
Rise time from 0 to 60 s. (±1 s. on e.o.s.)
Plateau time from 1 to 60 s. (±1 s. on e.o.s.)
Fall time from 0 to 60 s. (±1 s. on e.o.s.)
Rest time from 0 to 06 s. (±1 s. on e.o.s.)
Session time adjustable from 1 to 59 min. (±1 min.’ on e.o.s.)
Dimensions and Weight 190x160x60mm – 1 Kg. (the unit only).
Allowed environment Working 5°Cto45°C – Humidity 8% to 95% R.H. (without condensation)
Included (to see all items included please download details file)
  • 1 Pressure transducer PERIPROBE® STL (Code BF/STL-UTR3)
  • 1 vaginal personal probe PERIPROBE® VAG-2STW.
  • 1 vaginal personal probe PERIPROBE® VAG-2STF.
  • 1 pack of 4 self-adhering adhesive electrodes 50×50 mm.