Dual channel, perineal stimulation unit for incontinence rehabilitation

The evoStim® UG unit can be directly used by the patient, but it is also suitable for professional use by health professionals dealing with physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Perineal electrical stimulation (PES) is commonly used to treat urinary incontinence in its various forms: urge, stress and mixed.


  • Large LCD with touch-screen
  • 5 default programs touch-ready under the Intellistim® function
  • Wave-shape automatic selection
  • Lock & doctor-lock function
  • Multi-color back-light
  • One hand operation
  • Open circuit detection
  • Two channels independent as intensity and wave-shape

evoStim® UG is a dual channel electrical stimulator specifically designed for perineal stimulation with vaginal or anal probes. It is ease to use without sacrificing the flexibility and performance. The touch-screen and the unique rotating knob offer a friendly interface either for professional or home use. The intensity of stimulation and the waveform are adjustable independently on the two channels, offering the possibility of using probes with 4 electrodes of different shapes and positions.

The ergonomics of evoStim® UG unit is based on the rotation of the upper knob (to adjust the stimulation intensity or the value of the various parameters) and the push of the button, integrated in the same knob, to turn the unit on / off or pause / resume it. Changing the stimulation intensity or any other parameter must first be enabled by tapping the appropriate area of the touch screen

Number of channels 2 stimulation
Supply voltage 4,5V with 3 batteries 1,5V Alkaline AAA (LR03). Battery life: 20 hours on average.
Output current 60mApp on a load of 1000 Ohm. adjustable in steps of 1mA
Frequency 1 to 150 Hz (1-2-3-4-5-10-12-14-16-18-20-25-30-35-40-45-50-60-70-80-90-100-110-120-130-140-150) (± 5%)
Pulse width adjustable from 50 to 400 μs in steps of 10 (± 5%)
RISE time from 0 to 5 sec. in steps of 1 s. (± 1 s.)
PLATEAU time from 1 to 60 sec. in steps of 1 s. (± 1 s.)
FALL time from 0 to 5 sec. in steps of 1 s. (± 1 s.)
REST time from 0 to 60 sec. in steps of 1 s. (± 1 s.)
REST frequency from 0 to 10 Hz. (± 5%)
Session time selectable among 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 minutes or Continuous
Applied parts connectors protected pins 2mm
Size & weight 140x70x25 mm – 150 gr. including the batteries
Environment 15-35°C – 20-80% R.H.
Included in packaging Vaginal probe VAG-Minima