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Electrostimulation & pressure Biofeedback

The therapeutic unit evoStim® P is an electromedical equipment for perineal re-education by intra-vaginal electrostimulation and pressure biofeedback. It allows passive perineal treatments (with 1 electrostimulation channel), active perineal recovery (with 1 biofeedback channel) and perineal muscular re-learning (by pressure- triggered electrostimulation).
It is intended for both professional use and personal use by the patient.


  • Large LCD with touch-screen
  • Six quick selection touch-buttons
  • Pre-set & editable programs
  • Circular visual feedback
  • Bar-graph visual feedback
  • Multi-color back-light
  • One channel stimulation
  • One channel biofeedback
  • Triggered stimulation

The perineal biofeedback is of manometric type, it can be carried out with the special balloon probe supplied in the package or with any type of probe equipped with Luer-lock female pneumatic link.

Visual feedback on the display is obtained by switching-on a number of concentric circles proportional to the pressure exerted on the probe balloon by perineal muscles during a voluntary contraction.

Number of channels 1 stimulation + 1 biofeedback
Supply voltage 4,5V with 3 batteries 1,5V Alkaline AAA (LR03). Battery life: 20 hours on average.
Output current 99mApp on a load of 1000 Ohm with pulse of 200μs. adjustable in steps of 1mA
Frequency 1 to 150 Hz (± 5%)
Pulse width adjustable from 50 to 400 μs in steps of 10 (± 5%)
RISE time self-adjustable according to the ACTION frequency
PLATEAU time from 1 to 60 sec. in steps of 1 s. (± 1 s.)
FALL time self-adjustable according to the ACTION frequency
REST time from 0 to 60 sec. in steps of 1 s. (± 1 s.)
REST frequency self-adjustable according to the ACTION frequency
Session time from 5 to 90 minutes or Continuous
Applied parts connectors male 2mm protected pins
Size & weight 140x70x25 mm – 200 gr. including the batteries
Environment Work: +5°C / +40°C (15% / 93% R.H.)
Storage: -25°C / +70°C (max. 93% R.H)
Included in packaging Vaginal probe VAG-2STFW