Remove the pain

… is an obliged stage, for the functionality recovering!

PAIN is the most negative factor, influencing the psychophysical balance of an individual, up to prevent him from utilizing motivations and internal defence energy. The demonstrated analgesic effect of electrical stimulation can be attributable to different mechanisms, according to the intensity and to the pulse width, therefore:
SHORT pulses of moderate intensity – acting upon large diameter fibers only (more sensitive and with high-speed conductivity). The analgesic action is derived from a pain blockage at the posterior corn spinal marrow. The said analgesic action is immediate and short length.
WIDER and higher intensity pulses, simultaneously stimulating “sensitive” and “painful” fibers. Their analgesic action is not attributed to gate control but to central system reflexive stimulation, resulting in the production of bodily produced morphine (endorphins/enkephalins) like substance.
The central pain control system produces these analgesic effect substances each time it receives a fringe “pain signal”; the quantity of endorphins normally produced is only just sufficient to limit the pain to a “bearable” level. A “hyper-secretion” stimulated at hypophysis level, of these substances can lower the pain level further, up to stopping the pain altogether. These substances have a slower but certainly longer lasting action.

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