Neuro-Muscular Stimulation (NMS)

The acronym N.M.E.S. stands for Neuro-muscular Electro-Stimulation. It is also known as Neuromuscular Stimulation (NMS), and is the process by which weak electrical impulses are used to contract and relax muscles to induce “passive” exercise.
NMS has been used in the rehabilitation field for many years to treat and prevent the degeneration that can occur with the prolonged immobilisation. This is now, after pain management, the most popular use of electro stimulation.
Research and advancements in technology and engineering have also made EMS a safe and highly effective system for selective muscular training as an aid to physical exercise.

How NMS works

By a pair of self-adhesive electrodes, the stimulation impulses are applied to the muscle; as a result, we will get contraction phases, alternating with relaxation phases of the muscle, exactly as occurs during normal physiological activity, but with the advantage of avoiding the general sense of fatigue.

Proper placement of the electrodes is quite important in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. Do not expect great results, after the first session.

Interesting results may be obtained after repeated treatment sessions distributed over a relatively long period.

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