• Perineal electrostimulation and biofeedback

    Pelvic floor or perineal stimulation is a popular method for treating incontinence. Pelvic floor electrostimulation successfully restores continence, especially in female patients.
 Pelvic floor electrostimulation is normally applied using vaginal electrodes (probes), characterised by at least two electrodes, often in the form of rings. The aim is to stimulate the group of perineal muscles, especially

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  • The wave-shape (NMS)

    To obtain a stimulated muscular contraction, we are obliged to produce a depolarisation of one or more motor units. The better way is to apply a current flow on a motor point, that is to say the point where the nervous fibre innervates the muscle fibre. Being the human tissues very similar to a capacitor,

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  • How TENS Works

    At least two are recognised mechanisms through which the electrical stimulation reduces or eliminates the “pain” symptoms: 1 – The “Gate Control” theory By means of special adhesive electrodes, the electrical impulses are applied to the skin of the painful area; therefore, through “faster” sensitive nervous fibres, they reach the pain management centres in the

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  • Neuro-Muscular Stimulation (NMS)

    The acronym N.M.E.S. stands for Neuro-muscular Electro-Stimulation. It is also known as Neuromuscular Stimulation (NMS), and is the process by which weak electrical impulses are used to contract and relax muscles to induce “passive” exercise. NMS has been used in the rehabilitation field for many years to treat and prevent the degeneration that can occur

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  • Notes on pain

    It is useful to dwell briefly on the subject of pain, as it has always been a point of particular clinical interest due to its hampering nature. Pain is a complex sensation, which originates from the sensitive nerve terminals of the pain zone. The pain is then recognised and codified by the central nervous system

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  • Remove the pain

    … is an obliged stage, for the functionality recovering! PAIN is the most negative factor, influencing the psychophysical balance of an individual, up to prevent him from utilizing motivations and internal defence energy. The demonstrated analgesic effect of electrical stimulation can be attributable to different mechanisms, according to the intensity and to the pulse width,

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